Q:  Why did I receive an invoice from ASC-Exchange?

ASC-Exchange is a "Craigslist*" type web site strictly for Hospitals and ASC's to buy, sell and trade equipment and supplies amongst each other.  If you have received an invoice it is either because your annual subscription or your free trial is near expiration. 


 What if I am not interested in a trial subscription?

If you do not want to renew your subscription just send an email to accounting@asc-exchange.com, let us know you are not interested and we will clear your account and issue you a credit memo immediately.             

Q: Can the trial subscription period be extended.?

We are also happy to extended your trial period for an additional 30 days  if you would like more time to evaluate the site.  Just send us an email to support@asc-exchange.com and we will take care of it immediately.  

Q: Why should I list my equipment or supplies on ASC-Exchange?

Used and surplus equipment are facility assets, they have value. ASC-Exchange helps you maximize the value of your surplus goods. You could sell these items to dealers or brokers for pennies on the dollar.... but they in turn sell them at a substantial profit to a facility that needs them. You no longer need the middle man. Sell your surplus directly to other facilities that need them not to to dealers or brokers for pennies on the dollar.            

Q: Why should I buy equipment or supplies on ASC-Exchange?

Why pay the middle man? Use ASC-Exchange to locate the items you need and purchase them directly from a Hospital or ASC that no longer has a need for the items. Buying direct saves you substantial money!

Q: Why do I have to wait to gain access after I register?

In order to make sure that ASC-Exchange remains strictly a site where Healthcare workers and facilities can buy, sell, and trade between themselves without the outside influence of brokers and dealers, each user must be verified. We authenticate each registered user before access is granted. 

Q: How do I list items for sale?

Once you are logged in everything is done from the "Members Panel".  From the "Members Panel" click on "Post New Item".  Fill in the requested fields and then "Submit". 

Q: How do I remove an Item that I have sold.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a way to mark an item as "Sold".  Once an item is sold you should to delete the listing so that you stop receiving phone calls.  From the "Members Panel" click on "View Active Listings".  Locate the item you want to remove.  Adjacent to the item in the 2nd column from the left you will see a "Trash Can" icon. Clicking on this icon deletes the listing. 

Q:  What does it cost to use ASC-Exchange?

ASC-Exchange is a subscription based service. There are no fees to list or buy equipment on the site. Think of ASC-Exchange as “Craigslist*” for the Hospital and ASC industry, with a VERY LOW annual subscription fee. $289.00/year grants you unlimited access to buy and sell for the entire year. 

Q: Who do I pay for items I want to purchase?

All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. ASC-Exchange is just a listing service and we do not get involved in the transaction.

Q: How do I log in?

Click Log in. (top of page, center right)

Enter your registered username and password. (Remember: these are case-sensitive).

Q: What should I do if I forget my password?

Click Login

Click password link located below the password input box.

Follow the instructions to retrieve your information.

Q: How do I register?

Your login and password should have been sent separately from your invoice. If not please go to the registration and follow the step by step instructions. If you need further assistance, please email Support@ASC-Exchange.com.

Q: How do I create a listing?

Click Members Panel and complete the detail?

Insert the name of your listing in the title line box.

Select category

Write a brief description of the product you wish to list

Write a more detailed product listing.

Add the key words of your listing

Chose and upload image(s)

Enter name of institution, url, email address and contact number

Press next

Confirm listing 

Q: How do I a contact a seller?

Use the contact information listed on the item posting to email or call the seller. 

Q: Is this related to ASCA-Benchmarking?

No - ASC-Exchange is not related to ASCA or the new ASCA Benchmarking program.  Information on ASCA Benchmarking program can be found; www.ascassociation.org/ASCA/ResourceCenter/Benchmarking/ASCABenchmarking        

                           * Craigslist is a registered trademark of Craigslist, Inc.